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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Service

Zhonghui has an excellent professional brandand rich experience on projects in the finance and accounting services. We have in-depth understanding of actual needs of clients, and can communicate with clients from multi-perspectives and use multi-languages to determine the purpose and value of outsourcing services effectively.

Service Clients

◆ Foreign-Funded Enterprises

Zhonghui provides finance and accounting outsourcing services to foreign-funded enterprises including the global top 500 companies and many foreign enterprises’ sub branch office in China. With proficient English skills and good understanding of international accounting standards, the professionals of Zhonghui who have working experience in finance and accounting in the United States, Australia and other countries are able to offer good services to foreign-funded clients. 

◆ Domestic Enterprises

Relying on the strong technology support center and years of practice, Zhonghui has conducted systematic and in-depth research in accounting, financial management and tax issues in various industries. The outsourcing services we offered will meet the different needs of our clients at various growth stages. Clients can outsource their entire general process of finance and accounting work, or some of the non-core business processes.

◆ Administrative, Institutional Organizations and Social Groups

Administration, institutional organizations, social groups and other organizations are Zhonghui’s clients as well. We have rich experience and outstanding occupational ethics, and we can fulfill all kinds of client’s service requirements excellently.

◆ Families and Individuals

Zhonghui provides finance and accounting service for families and individuals. It offers tax planning and wealth suggestions based on asset structure and income condition.

Service Contents

◆ Order Management & Billing 

   Manage Sales Orders  

   Manage Customer Requests & Inquiries 

   Manage Contracts  

   Issue Invoices

   Authorize & Manage Credit   

◆ Collection & Accounts Receivable

   Manage and Process Collection

   Maintain Customer Master Data                      

   Manage and Process Disputes & Deduction

   Maintain A/R Ledger and Apply Cash

◆ Establish Accounts   

   Design Accounting and Financial Management System  

   Establish Financial and Accounting Processing System


 Financial & Government Reporting

   Financial Reporting

   Management Reporting

   Regulatory Reporting

   Tax Reporting

◆ Financial Integration 

   Vendor Statement Reconciliations   

   Trade Creditor Reconciliations  

   Payment Accuracy Controls

◆ Asset & Management

   Intercompany Accounting

   Fixed Assets Accounting

   Cash Management

 Period Close & Data Integration

   Master Data Maintenance

   Account Reconciliation and Analysis


   End of Financial Period Close

Service Values

Zhonghui can provide customers with highly efficient outsourcing services, to help customers gain new strength in the commercial competitions. In outsourcing services, Zhonghui has rich experience and can provide high-quality services both in Chinese and English, and have provided whole process outsourcing services in finance and accounting, tax, human resource, business for over ten thousand clients. Therefore, Zhonghui is always a reliable and professional outsourcing partner. It regards the client’s satisfaction degree as the service key point to help client solve problems and create values.


 Reduce Costs

Outsourcing part of business process can help enterprises to reduce costs directly. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, outsourcing the professional and complicated finance & tax, human resource, business to transform human costs into outsourcing service costs will reduce your costs in the current and future period.

 Improve Efficiency and Quality

When you outsource related process to Zhonghui, it means you have a reliable team of outside experts at the same time. We have not only strict internal control processes and quality management system, but also accumulated professional experience and valid mechanism for professional training. All those features enable the clients to operate more efficiently.

Outsourcing services are more flexible and scalable. We can deal with seasonal or periodical work surge based on the needs of clients.

◆ Reduce Risks, Effective Control

Zhonghui have well-developed outsourcing management skills and service concept, and strictly keep clients’ information and data confidentially. Compared with individuals, Zhonghui is a professional service organization with more stability and continuity. We can have close and long-term mutual communication with our clients which is better for them to find out their financial risks and strengthen internal control.

Outsourcing allows clients to know the information more transparently and timely, and makes the process and results more clearly and can be effectively controlled.

◆ Innovation and Organization Competitiveness

Outsourcing non-core business process is an effective way to promote business innovations and enhance core competitiveness of an enterprise.

The internal organization sectors such as finance, human resource, administration, law free from complicated daily affairs and start to be assigned to work on more valuable business analysis and deal with some core issues, so that enterprises can eliminate redundancy more easily, and arrange resources and time to new opportunities to achieve new development and transformation.