Sales Performance Enhancement

To make your sales more strategic and more efficient.

Selling Skills Assessment Tool™(SSAT) gives you an objective look at your reps’ sales skills, providing concrete data on their strengths and weaknesses.

Available in multiple role and industry specific editions, SSAT is tailored to the structure of your sales organization, allowing this insight to be turned into action immediately.

The SSAT is a sales skills assessment which provides a detailed, accurate quantification of selling skills across your sales organization at an individual, team and company-wide level. This vital information allows you to focus on your sales training, coaching and management for maximum impact and maximum revenue growth.

Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) provides the sales force training to increase sales results across the entire sales force. From new hires to veterans, this program stretches reps to increase their sales skills, abilities, and results - now. Based on the data from the SSAT, PI Worldwide consultants deliver a customized Instructor-led or Train-the-Trainer program for improved predictive sales performance at all levels. 

Service Contents

◆ Sales Assessment

Sales Assessment to Drive Sales Performance

How do you improve the performance of your sales team if you don’t have concrete data to show their strengths and weaknesses?

It’s about knowledge and insight – an accurate sales skills assessment of each rep's sales skills and using the information for targeted training, coaching and performance management. The PI Worldwide® Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) quantifies the sales skills of your sales people with objective data on 25 aspects of consultative selling, clustered into five key areas. The SSAT information gives sales executives the tools necessary to evaluate sales skills on three levels: individual, team and company-wide. With multiple sales positions and industry editions available, the web-based sales skills assessment is designed to accurately reflect your sales environment. Taking data into action, PI Worldwide provides Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) sales training along with the behavioral assessment tool Predictive Index® to ensure long-term sustainable sales excellence. 

◆ Sales Management

Motivate Your Team to Turn Knowledge into Action—and Results.

It’s one of management’s toughest issues: How do you bridge the gap between knowing and doing? How do you get your team to apply what they learned? Why is it that some people seem to “get it” right away... while others take much longer to turn learning into action?

The answer often hinges on the individual motivations that drive workplace behavior. Using the Predictive Index® (PI®), sales leadership can identify the natural motivations of their team members—different, of course, for each individual.

PI helps managers better understand how these drives impact on-the-job performance. They can then use this “inside knowledge” to work with their people to improve the application of newly-learned selling skills across all levels of the sales organization—and to enhance overall sales effectiveness and productivity. 

PI Worldwide’s Coaching for Sales Growth is a full day program that teaches sales managers a powerful coaching process using the data from the Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ and the insights from the Predictive Index. Managers will discover proven coaching skills to be used every day to achieve consistent, sustainable sales improvement.

◆ Sales Training

Customized, Targeted Training for Improved Performance 

Sales force training is one of the most important investments your company will make this year. There is no room for error. Your sales force deserves the best training available – relevant, proven, and customized for them. At PI Worldwide®, that’s what we deliver.

Customer-Focused Selling ™ (CFS) is a highly interactive sales training program that provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling. CFS sales training seminar delivers the specific knowledge your team needs to consistently achieve better sales results and perform at their highest level. CFS arms your reps with the specific skills needed to excel in the marketplace, manage the sales process more effectively, and increase results immediately. Participants come away from the program armed with all the necessary skills for maximum revenue growth.

For larger sales forces, CFS is available as a certified Train-the-Trainer option which brings full control of the delivery and reinforcement in-house. Our staff of instructional designers fully customizes the program to reflect your company’s environment and industry. The Train-the-Trainer approach gives your sales managers proven materials, methodology and reinforcement tools for maximum self-sufficiency.