PI Consulting and Assessment

PI has 60 years’ successful business application history, and is widely used in over 145 countries, 67 languages and more than 10000 companies.

PI® is a scientifically validated behavior assessment tool coming from Boston, U.S.. By identifying behavior models, motivations and drives of their people, PI® can help managers with talents’ selection, employment, development and retention. So far, PI® has made a global leading position in the industry of human resource and leadership assessment.

PI service offered by us is very particular, which is a complete methodology and management system based on the scientific assessment tool. Through a web-based assessment system, not only the survey for applicants can be done and an instant access to the scientific analysis reports can you have, more importantly, through PI workshop and PI consulting service, it’s more powerful for organization to release the potential of people and team. Therefore, PI will become an essential tool in strategic development for organizations. 

As the professional management tool widely accepted by worldwide excellent enterprises, PT combines with various management activities inside of the enterprises, and plays a significant role to efficiently improve the organization internal management level and team performance. 

  • Job Design

  • Job Candidate appealing

  • Selection/Promotion

  • Communication

  • Instruction

  • Performance Management

  • Promotion Planning

  • Conflict Solving Planning

  • Leadership Enhancement

  • Strategic Organization Development

  • Adaption Management

  • Innovation

Service contents

◆ PI

Predictive Index (PI®) assessment tool could help you identify the motivation and drives of your people.


Job requirement assessment tool could help you understand the specific behaviors that lead to optimal job performance.

◆ PI Management Workshop

In a highly interactive workshop setting, experienced consultants will teach you and your managers how to use the Predictive Index (PI®) assessment tool. You’ll become proficient in utilizing PI process in daily management.

◆ PI Applying Consulting Service

From consulting on general management issues to in-depth interpretation of Predictive Index results, our team of global consultants provides expert advice and assistance, whenever you need it.

◆ PLI Cognitive Ability Assessment

Predictive Learning Indicator cognitive ability assessment is an assessment tool which is proved to be scientific, reliable and practical. It is used especially to evaluate participants' ability to absorb and process new information quickly, and predict the ability of participants to adapt to new work or new environment. Cognitive ability can reflect the multiple abilities of the participants, including fast learning, understanding and processing of complex information, adaption to change, effective problem solving, and strategic thinking.